Appraisal Secrets

Appraisal Secrets Revealed

There's an old adage among real estate professionals that says there are 3 things that make up the value of a home; location, location, location. While there is a little humor intended with this, there is also a lot of truth to the statement as the subdivision, school district, municipality and even zip code a home is in could affect the value significantly. While you can't move your home (assuming we are not talking mobile homes here) there are many things within your control that can be done to positively affect the value of your home.

We are not talking about adding room additions or unground pools here, we are talking about small things you can give attention to that will increase the value of your home particularly those things that will add more in value than they cost to do. In order to be successful in selling your home for the highest price and getting the deal closed your home is going to have to appear to be fairly priced to two important audiences; home buyers and appraisers. What? Appraisers? What do they have to do with it you may ask thinking that as long as the buyer comes along and likes the price you are fine, right? Wrong! Today, more than ever before, more and more home sales are failing due to a house not appraising for the price it sold for thereby preventing the buyer from obtaining financing and thus killing the deal.

Use Appraisal Secrets To Sell Your Home For MORE!

With this in mind, wouldn't it be great to know what appraisers look for in a home and what influences them in a positive way when it comes to value? After all, appraisers are human too and, while some of the appraisal process is somewhat mechanical, there is an emotional side to it as well, just like with home buyers. So, doesn't it make sense to stack the deck in your favor and take the steps necessary to insure that an appraiser is going to see your home in a very positive way value-wise? It's a pretty safe bet that if your house is ready for the appraiser that it's ready for buyers in the market as well as the same things that will affect the appraisers opinion of the value of your home will affect buyers as well. Get your Free report, "Appraisal Secrets" instantly by simply requesting it using the form to the right.


Appraisal SECRETS you SHOULD Know before listing your home.

  • How to SELL your home faster and for a HIGHER price
  • What will turn off Appraisers and Buyers
  • Inexpensive things to do that bring BIG Returns......& MORE....
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